For thousands of years cultures and healing arts have studied the connection between the brain and the spinal cord, where they meet at the base of the skull. OTZ doctors call this area the skull on spine relationship.

B.J. Palmer, the son of chiropractic’s founder D.D.Palmer, was deeply influenced by this area of the body and developed an upper cervical technique that has had incredible effects on many types of health problems. His technique focuses on the proper alignment of the first cervical vertebrae called the Atlas. OTZ Doctors recognize and respect his technique and the work he has done.

Francis X. Murphy, DC, the developer of OTZ Methods, took a giant step forward in 2006. He developed specialized adjustment of the skull on spine which immediately resolved Frozen Shoulder in one of his patients.

From that day forward Dr. Murphy devoted his entire career to developing and sharing his science with other doctors. His novel way of looking at patients through a “Top Down Analysis” begins at the top, the skull on spine relationship, and looks at a person’s posture (the way that one opposes gravity) and also their gait (the way that one opposes gravity when they move). The science behind this analysis is complex but fascinating and some of our profession’s most respected researchers are now studying this process.


Research has demonstrated that your posture is a snapshot of the health and strength of you nervous system. Your Chiropractor will use the TOP Down Analysis and other clinical skills to determine a course of care that will rebuild your posture and nervous system’s strength. As that happens your current health deficiencies will begin to change. Don’t be surprised if this change is fast and dramatic.

Chiropractors who use the OTZ method, use specialized ways to evaluate and adjust the skull on spine, cervical spine and more. When these important areas are not functioning properly, posture and brain health begin to breakdown. As this breakdown occurs other signs and symptoms of disease begin to develop.

These sign and symptoms can include Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, Bell’s Palsey,Tics, Childhood Developmental Delays, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and more.

The cause of your spinal dysfunction may have been traumatic, including forceful birthing procedures, poor postural habits both at work and leisure and cumulative traumas from a lifetime of stresses and strains.

But the cause is irrelevant to getting you better. Your Doctor has been trained to find these spinal dysfunctions and administer proper adjustments to start the rebuilding process. Home exercises and self help recommendations will also be prescribed because teamwork betwee3n you and Doctor is vital to restoring and maintaining your optimal health.