The Doctor

I have been a Healthcare Professional for 40 years and while I am very settled in Chiropractic as a profession, it did’nt  happen in a straight line, so to speak.

After a tour of duty in the Army, I returned to studying music at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music to continue pursuing a career as a musician. At the same time I had been suffering for eight years with debilitating migraine headaches and back issues with no relief from Western Medicine. I then discovered Chiropractic.   Within a few months I was completely free of Migraine headaches and able to enjoy sports again without the back pain due to the power of Chiropractic.   

Although my initial goal was to be a musician, my experience with chiropractic and how it had improved the quality of my life, I started to take a keen interest in Healthcare.  I made the decision to go to Nursing School and graduated with a Bachelor of Science of Nursing as well as a minor in Exercise Physiology.

Because of the limitations of Nursing and western medicine, I developed an interest in Natural  Healthcare and Bodywork, specifically Structural Integration (Rolfing). I enrolled at the Rolfing Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Shortly after graduating I spent 4 years in Norway and Sweden as a successful practitioner of Rolfing.  

Upon returning to the states, I was then able to enroll in chiropractic college. Following graduation from Life West Chiropractic College, I knew I wanted to live and practice Chiropractic in the Columbia River Gorge.

I have loved living and caring for people in the Columbia Gorge for 22 years. I continue my commitment to stay connected with the latest discoveries in healthcare, anti-aging, the healing arts and protecting the body in day to day activities to extreme sports.  

I understand life is busy and it is hard to balance work, family, life and exercise.  Healthcare has to be effective and efficient. My approach to healthcare is to provide diverse techniques to match your body’s needs and comfort zone and partner with you to get you on the path to living a healthy and pain free life as soon as possible. So….lets get started.